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Store Manager

Get ready for the sweet smell of success!

As a Store Manager, you'll lead and inspire a team, create unbeatable experiences for our customers, and shape the success of your own store.

Store Managers are the faces of The Perfume Shop in their local community.

Their expertise in perfume and passion for the industry shine through as they create magical moments for every customer.​

If you're ready to take on a management role that combines your love for perfume, your passion for customer service, and your ability to inspire and lead a team, then join us as a Store Manager. Together, we'll create memorable experiences for our people and our customers.​

We love to celebrate success, so every year we get our Store Managers together for a couple of days to talk about the business, hear directly from our suppliers and recognise excellence. It’s a fabulous event and we look forward to welcoming you!​​

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