Tell us about your TPS Journey?
I’ve worked for The Perfume Shop for two years now in the Accounts Payable Team.  Since joining the team and have in the time taken on much more responsibility, more recently the trade invoices for our luxury suppliers such as Christian Dior, P&G, YSL to name a few. 


Tell us why you would recommend The Perfume Shop as a great place to work?
It’s an amazing place to work! What makes it brilliant are quite a few factors, the people, my team, the atmosphere.  Being surrounded by scent is heavenly and the work that the company does with our chosen charities is amazing.  I have participated in raising awareness for dementia and personally contributed £412 through my friends and family, it’s such a great feeling working for a company that activity promotes it’s people to give back.


Tell us what your most proudest moment at TPS is?
When our manager’s tell us that we have done a great job, which happens regulary.  It really makes a different being appreciated and thanked for the work that we have done. 


What is your super talent?
It’s really important at The Perfume Shop to communicate and talk to everyone, we really aren’t the type of company where you don’t get to know people from other areas of the business! It’s just not the way we do things!