Tell us about your TPS Journey?
I have been with the company just over two years.  I joined our Braintree stores as a Supervisor and recently have been promoted to the Deputy Manager in the store.


Tell us why you would recommend The Perfume Shop as a great place to work?
I would recommend The Perfume Shop as a great place to work to anybody. 

The company has been really supportive to me since the moment I started.  I've been given the opportunity of furthering my career as well as growing myself as an individual - this isn't something that is always so available in other businesses.


Tell us what you most proudest moment at TPS is?
My proudest moment at The Perfume Shop was winning the Supervisor Employee of the Year Awards at the 2017 conference.  It was so nice to be recognised for the work I had done in the short amount of time I had been with the company, which I have never experienced before in a large business.


How has TPS supported you as a person?
I have never been without help or a guide from somebody at the office if I have need to ask something I'm unsure on, they are always there and keen to support you in every way.

I have also had loads of support from the company with my training.  Whether that is from daily roadshows or training days, to participating in the extensive fragrance foundation course.  All the investment that I get has supported me with my knowledge of fragrances and the industry, giving me confidence to sell our products but also with leading our store team, who are all fantastic!


Tell us what gets you out of bed in the morning?
What gets me out of bed in the morning is the amazing team I have and the amazing people that are in the company who are always there for you. I have always been a keen sales person and having a great team by my side who aid me everyday in everything I do makes me very proud and gives me the determination and motivation in the work we do everyday.

When I started in my store there were many incentives which would often be ignored or looked over. I took it upon myself to drive my team and motivate them to win these incentives within the company, and we have done phenomenally as a store. We are now in the top league in the company after consistent 1st place wins for our selling and I am very proud to say that my team leading skills have given them the knowledge and motivation to become great sales people, which is what I am most proud of.