Tell us about your TPS Journey?

I've been working for The Perfume shop for just over a year now!  I oversee the marketing campaigns for all our stores in the UK and Ireland, as well as our national media activity and events.  


Every day at The Perfume Shop is so different, there's always lots to do and projects to get involved in.  My team are amazing to work with - being part of the marketing team here you really need to be creative and want to input your ideas to deliver activity and events that will connect and grow our customer numbers and loyalty, after all we are here because of our customers!


Tell us why you would recommend The Perfume Shop as a great place to work?

In a couple of words, our TPS (The Perfume Shop) People!  There are so many passionate and talented people that work here that have a wealth of perfume experience and also people that want to have fun, that can be hard to find in other places to work. Specifically, in my role the ability to be creative in marketing campaigns really help me to love my job, as I am naturally creative.


Tell us what you most proudest moment at TPS is?

So far, my proudest moment in my year at The Perfume Shop is the journey that we have been on with our brand guidelines. We are a relatively small marketing team, and this has been a really important project that everyone has had a say in.  The next step of the project is to deliver these guidelines to our people, agencies and suppliers – so watch this space!


Tell us what gets you out of bed in the morning?

Having an idea, which is listened to, worked on, delivered out nationally and leads to sales for the business.