Retail Operations

Our stores are the heart and soul of our business

We have three main store types, which are:

  1. Stand Alone
  2. The Perfume Shop @ Superdrug
  3. Concept Store

Our Stores

The original The Perfume Shop concept which we have worked with for over 25 years is our stand alone store.  We also have stores within Superdrug who are our sister company in the U.K.

Store Teams

Our team sizes vary dependant on the store type, the opening hours and the turnover of the store. However, this is the structure you can expect from each of the below stores: 

Stand alone, Concept store & The Perfume Shop @ Superdrug’s:

  • Store Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Advisor

The Perfume Shop @ Superdrug:

  • Counter Manager
  • Team Leader
  • Sales Advisor