Our Head Office is the central hub for all things Perfume 

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Our Office

Our Office, based in High Wycombe’s Cressex Business Park, is the hub of activity for all things The Perfume Shop.  

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Getting out to store

Our store teams are very important to us, and we like to harness a culture of one family. Therefore, we have a strong ethos in our office that all employee's get out into store to understand how this impacts what they do in their role, this is generally during Christmas time. If this sounds exciting you are our kind of person. 

Fun at The Office

Our social committee (or #SoCo) is a great team of people who take the time away from their busy day job to make it fun working in our office and warehouse. 

We have seen lots of different activities over the years, from Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) events, so supporting local causes, to other activities such as sports day, cake bakes, supplier events and more recently we launched "Fizzy Friday" a relaxed end to the week. 

We work in a fast paced industry, therefore our philosophy is to work hard and have fun doing it.