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The Perfume Shop

Working at The Perfume Shop


Working at The Perfume Shop

Working at The Perfume Shop

Warehouse & Distribution

Our Warehouse, based in Dunstable, is the hub for all The Perfume Shop deliveries around the UK and Ireland. With over 270 stores the warehouse team are never bored as there is plenty to do to get our products into our stores the more effectively way that they can.

Paul with Clare, PI management & Steve our Warehouse Supervisor

Paul is our Warehouse and Operations Manager and this is what he says about The Perfume Shop, and his warehouse team!

“The Perfume Shop is different from the rest! We practice what we preach, learn from each other’s mistakes and share each other’s skills. No two people are the same but by following simple guidelines and embracing the FISH! principles we are all able to pull together as a single unit and still keep our own unique identity, passion and drive.

“Training is important in the warehouse, as are our team days. We make sure that we support each other’s strengths, we review processes and workload, cost control and how we can keep improving our KPIs and measurements.

“It is important for our team members, whether they have been here for two days or two years that we help them to develop their skills. We always make sure that we take time to review this, and have the opportunity for them to develop themselves with an NVQ course.

“Our team care, and we are especially tight knit, this is why we have a clear motto of ‘We Always Deliver’! We deliver for our customers (stores) and we deliver for our employees.

“The culture really stands out at The Perfume Shop and I can truly say that this is the best warehouse I have worked in for true unity and core values.”

We can take Paul’s word for it, or we’ve pulled together some footage of the warehouse; they really do live the FISH Philosophy!:

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